4330 Arenzano Way El Dorado Hills
Offered at $649,000

04/20/2018/by Connie Barnes

9736 Ellsmere Way, Elk Grove | Pending sale

04/05/2018/by Connie Barnes

1084 Terracina Dr., El Dorado Hills | Pending Sale

04/02/2018/by Connie Barnes

1128 Terracina Dr., El Dorado Hills
Pending Sale

03/05/2018/by Connie Barnes

501 Veneto Ct., El Dorado Hills
Pending Sale

02/22/2018/by Connie Barnes

3021 Royce Dr., Rescue
Sold $440,000

02/20/2018/by Connie Barnes

218 Gunston Ct., El Dorado Hills
Sold $801,000

02/14/2018/by Connie Barnes

149 Buckingham Way Folsom
Sold $557,500

02/11/2018/by Connie Barnes

2421 Telegraph Hill, El Dorado Hills
Sold $720,000

01/15/2018/by Connie Barnes

2970 Bridlewood Dr., El Dorado Hills
Sold $539,000

01/14/2018/by Connie Barnes
114 Slate Ridge Ct

114 Slate Ridge Ct., Four Seasons
Sold $510,000

01/08/2018/by Connie Barnes

2250 Muratura Way., Serrano
Sold $529,000

01/04/2018/by Connie Barnes

807 Valencia Ct., El Dorado Hills
Sold $557,875

11/02/2017/by Connie Barnes

2376 Beckett Dr., El Dorado Hills | SOLD

10/26/2017/by Jim Barnes
1071 Terracina Dr., El Dorado Hills

1071 Terracina Dr., El Dorado Hills | Sold

10/01/2017/by Connie Barnes

3537 Archetto Dr., El Dorado Hills | SOLD

08/07/2017/by Connie Barnes
1541 Daunting Dr., El Dorado Hills CA

1541 Daunting Dr., El Dorado Hills | Sold

06/14/2017/by Connie Barnes
4277 Vega Loop Shingle Springs

4277 Vega Loop, Shingle Springs | Sold

06/12/2017/by Connie Barnes

2242 Amherst Way Waterford | Sold

06/10/2017/by Connie Barnes

1257 Terracina Dr., Serrano | SOLD

05/07/2017/by Connie Barnes

1618 Daunting Dr., El Dorado Hills | SOLD

04/13/2017/by Jim Barnes

1022 Penniman Dr., El Dorado Hills | SOLD

03/30/2017/by Connie Barnes

3345 Thornhill Dr., El Dorado Hills | Sold

03/09/2017/by Connie Barnes

664 Idlewood Pl., El Dorado Hills | Sold

03/02/2017/by Connie Barnes

208 Dorsey Ct., El Dorado Hills | Sold

02/26/2017/by Connie Barnes

3322 Diablo Trail El Dorado Hills | SOLD

01/02/2017/by Jim Barnes

1195 Terracina Dr., Serrano | SOLD

01/01/2017/by Connie Barnes

616 Lida Ct., Francisco Oaks | SOLD

12/15/2016/by Connie Barnes

1124 Manning Dr., Marina Woods | SOLD

12/14/2016/by Connie Barnes

2945 Bridlewood Dr., Bridlewood Canyon | SOLD

12/12/2016/by Connie Barnes

381 Water View Way Folsom | SOLD

12/08/2016/by Connie Barnes

3679 Devon Way Bridlewood Canyon | SOLD

12/01/2016/by Connie Barnes

4362 Suffolk Way The Promontory | SOLD

11/08/2016/by Connie Barnes

2343 Donohue Place Waterford | SOLD

11/03/2016/by Connie Barnes

3920 Ironwood Dr., Serrano | SOLD

10/08/2016/by Jim Barnes

2038 Keystone Dr., Broadstone | SOLD

10/02/2016/by Connie Barnes

1109 Bevinger Dr., Serrano | SOLD

08/16/2016/by Jim Barnes

4115 Bothwell Cir., Serrano | SOLD

07/08/2016/by Connie Barnes

3389 Archetto Dr., Serrano | SOLD

07/01/2016/by Connie Barnes

4855 Village Green Dr., Serrano | SOLD

06/10/2016/by Connie Barnes
3123 Corsica Dr. El Dorado Hills CA

3123 Corsica Dr., The Promontory | SOLD

05/30/2016/by Connie Barnes

1327 Villagio Dr., Serrano | SOLD

05/12/2016/by Connie Barnes

1019 Venezia Way The Promontory | SOLD

05/01/2016/by Connie Barnes

3513 Santos Cir., Cameron Park | SOLD

04/21/2016/by Connie Barnes

1971 Brook Mar Dr., Marina Woods | SOLD

03/24/2016/by Connie Barnes

6018 Brogan Way Serrano | SOLD

01/24/2016/by Connie Barnes

3185 Stonehurst Dr., Serrano | SOLD

12/28/2015/by Connie Barnes

207 Tarquina Ct., Serrano | SOLD

12/28/2015/by Jim Barnes

6173 Edgehill Dr., Serrano | SOLD

12/22/2015/by Connie Barnes

2471 Beckett Dr., Serrano | SOLD

12/18/2015/by Connie Barnes

2026 Beckett Dr., Serrano | SOLD

11/25/2015/by Connie Barnes

321 Endless Ct., Serrano | SOLD

11/20/2015/by Connie Barnes

125 Pepito Way Folsom | SOLD

11/14/2015/by Jim Barnes

4020 Boysenberry Ln., Shingle Springs | SOLD

10/28/2015/by Connie Barnes

1369 Sun Tree Dr., Roseville | SOLD

10/23/2015/by Connie Barnes

3473 Keswick Dr., Fairchild Village | SOLD

08/21/2015/by Connie Barnes

3461 Reddick Ct., Ridgeview | SOLD

07/28/2015/by Connie Barnes

3563 Amer Way Highland View | SOLD

07/16/2015/by Connie Barnes

4723 El Greco Way Serrano | SOLD

06/29/2015/by Connie Barnes
6133 Aldea Dr

6033 Aldea Dr., Serrano | SOLD

06/15/2015/by Connie Barnes

4819 Village Green Dr., Serrano | SOLD

06/13/2015/by Jim Barnes

3691 Devon Way Bridlewood Canyon | SOLD

04/30/2015/by Connie Barnes
Home for sale in El Dorado HIills

9007 Summerfield Way Stonebriar | SOLD

04/23/2015/by Connie Barnes
Home for sale in el dorado hills

902 Mt. Casey Ct., El Dorado Hills | SOLD

04/20/2015/by Connie Barnes

5000 Casina Pl., Stonebriar | SOLD

04/15/2015/by Connie Barnes

HD Showcase 2000 Augustus Pl

04/06/2015/by Jim Barnes

1283 Villagio Dr., Serrano | SOLD

03/01/2015/by Connie Barnes

HD Showcase 212 Tarquina Ct.

02/21/2015/by Connie Barnes

1648 Halifax Way Marina Woods | SOLD

02/08/2015/by Connie Barnes

610 Liguria Ct., Serrano

02/04/2015/by Connie Barnes
Home for sale in El Dorado Hills

3082 Borgata Way Serrano | SOLD

01/17/2015/by Connie Barnes

7260 Breaker Point Way Blackstone | SOLD

01/06/2015/by Connie Barnes
Rocking Horse Lane

4900 Rocking Horse Ln., Shingle Springs | SOLD

12/28/2014/by Connie Barnes

1108 Penniman Dr., Serrano | SOLD

10/15/2014/by Connie Barnes

4719 Monte Mar Dr., Four Seasons | SOLD

09/17/2014/by Connie Barnes

5021 Covered Bridge Way Four Seasons | SOLD

09/16/2014/by Connie Barnes

3348 Chasen Dr., Cameron Park | SOLD

07/13/2014/by Connie Barnes
1329 Blough Way

1329 Blough Way Folsom | SOLD

07/02/2014/by Connie Barnes
Listing Photo

2039 Impressionist Way Serrano | SOLD

06/28/2014/by Connie Barnes
5021 Macero Ct

5021 Macero Ct., Serrano | SOLD

06/19/2014/by Connie Barnes
725 Ramon Ct

725 Ramon Ct., El Dorado Hills | SOLD

06/18/2014/by Connie Barnes
2265 Ashford Place

2265 Ashford Place Waterford | SOLD

06/10/2014/by Connie Barnes

4140 Honey Do Ln. Shingle Springs | SOLD

06/05/2014/by Connie Barnes
3720 WALDWICK CIR., BRIDLEWOOD CANYON, El Dorado Hills: $599,000

3720 Waldwick Cir

05/30/2014/by Connie Barnes
611 Ramsey Pl El Dorado Hills CA 95762

611 Ramsey Pl., Serrano | SOLD

05/02/2014/by Connie Barnes

8142 Anastasia Way The Promontory | SOLD

04/24/2014/by Connie Barnes

2974 Fairchild Dr., El Dorado Hills | SOLD

03/30/2014/by Connie Barnes
5048 Tesoro

5048-Tesoro Serrano | SOLD

03/10/2014/by Connie Barnes
3594 Springer Rd. Placerville CA

3594 Springer Rd.,Placerville | SOLD

03/07/2014/by Connie Barnes

4819 Village Green Dr., Serrano | SOLD

01/21/2014/by Jim Barnes

HD Showcase 3179 Brackenwood Pl

01/15/2014/by Connie Barnes

4409 Cordero Dr., Serrano | SOLD

01/02/2014/by Connie Barnes

HD Showcase 3515 Foxmore Ln.

01/02/2014/by Connie Barnes

8437 Balderston Rd., Georgetown | SOLD

01/02/2014/by Connie Barnes

HD Showcase 5470 Fenton Way

01/02/2014/by Connie Barnes

HD Showcase 11508 Gold Tunnel Ct.

01/02/2014/by Connie Barnes

HD Showcase 3005 Aberdeen Lane

01/01/2014/by Connie Barnes

HD Showcase 414 Aragon Ct.

01/01/2014/by Connie Barnes

HD Showcase 5089 Tesoro Way

01/01/2014/by Connie Barnes

HD Showcase 1236 Terracina Dr.

01/01/2014/by Connie Barnes


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