Real Estate Listings with Maximum National Exposure

Reach the largest national audience possible with our real estate syndication network

Today, home buyers shop for real estate online and start searching long before they even speak to a REALTOR

Your listing will appear on 100’s of real estate websites across the county including those of competing brokers. We tell our clients to conduct a Google Search for their address and see just how many website have picked up the listing. 

Get Enhanced Real Estate Listings on the Top Real Estate Websites

Most agent don’t pay the thousands of dollars it takes to enhance their listings on sites like, Zillow and Trulia. The leads on your listing come to us and not another agent who is unfamiliar with the listing

enhanced listing placementsOther agents won’t appear next to your listing on most major real estate sites.

  • Priority Placement

    Your listing received priority placement over other agent’s listings who do not pay to participate in the premier agent programs

  • Exclusive Agent

    Potential home buyers viewing your listing will see Connie Barnes as the listing agent rather than a group of other agents who know nothing about your home

  • Listing Customization

    We have the ability to customize each listing and post open house information, our video virtual tours and custom messages

  • Reporting

    We can obtain custom traffic reports to track the performance of your listing

A Social Media Strategy for Real Estate: Expand your Audience by up to 40%

A robust social media strategy is key to any successful marketing plan today, and that’s why we are building a large public presence with the world’s top sites like Google, Facebook and YouTube.

For a social media campaign to be successful in real estate, an agent needs to have compelling content that people will watch and share with friends, friends of friends and so on. That’s one of the primary reasons we work so hard on creating compelling listing videos for our clients. A well produced Property Video is perfect for sharing and has the potential of reaching tens of thousands of people who are not actively shopping for a home; but know somebody who is.


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