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           BROKER, FOUNDER

                                         Connie Barnes has established herself as a real estate legend locally in
                                         El Dorado Hills. Over the years, Connie, Jim, and their team have sold
                                         hundreds of new and resale homes in the region.  As one of the most
                                         recoginized Realtors in El Dorado Hills, Connie Barnes has been voted
                                         best REALTOR year after year by the readers of numerous regional
                                         publications. Connie helped envision a modern real estate sales
                                         philosophy that focused on over-delivering on client expectations.
                                         Newly retired, Connie enjoys her new role as a valued consultant to
                                         the Barnes Real Estate Sales and Marketing Team.

                                         It was the Great Recession that brought Jim and Connie Barnes
                                         together in business at a time when the real estate industry was in
                                         turmoil. Prices were in free fall, and people were losing their homes.
                                         Building a real estate team would be challenging in this environment
   Photo by Jim Barnes                   No longer would homes sell themselves. Besides, the team needed
                                         because agents had become complacent during the “Bubble Years.”

                                         to implement marketing strategies that would give their clients an
                                         advantage over all of the local competition to get homes sold before
                                         the next round of price cuts.
 5480 Sur Mer Dr., El Dorado Hills   •   Connie decided that she would build a team of NEW resale agents

                                         who eager to work and not spoiled by the previous excesses of the
                                         market. This concept is fundamental because Connie would train the
                                         new agent to sell her way using her over-deliver philosophy.  It’s no
                                         coincidence that many of these new agents have gone on to become
                                         top producers in their own right.

                                         Connie Barnes and her team ranked number one in sales volume in
 •                                       The real estate market fi nally bottomed out in 2011, and in 2012,
 SOLD                                    Northern California.  The Wall Street Journal recognized the Connie
                                         Barnes Team as the top 100 real estate teams in the USA.

                                         Today, Connie’s selling philosophy still embedded in our team’s culture
                                         and all of the agents that she has mentored over the years.

                                         Today, Connie’s selling philosophy still embedded in our team’s

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