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   PRE MARKETING         We will be photographing both the inside and outside of your

                home. We will be photographing all major rooms. We normally

                do not photograph the garage or closets unless there a special

  Photo by Jim Barnes  PLANNING                                                          INTERIORS
                features included. If special features in your home are not obvious,
                please let us know so they can be included in the shoot.

 5003 Aberdeen Ln., El Dorado Hills CA   •   It’s best the occupants plan to be away   Hide pet bowls, toys, and litter boxes

             during the photo session since the time
                                                                        Open all shades/blinds. Clean all windows
             on site can last several hours
                                                                        Hide trash cans
             Pets need to be removed or secured in a
             comfortable place
                                                                        Turn on all lights. Replace broken bulbs as

             maintenance, gardeners, etc during your
                                                                        Turn ceiling fans o
 SOLD  •     Avoid scheduling house cleaners, pool                      necessary
                                                                        Contain children’s toys out of sight
 YOUR HOUSE AND ITS CONDITION  EXTERIORS                                De-clutter all rooms. Remove excess newspa-
                                                                        pers/ magazines, and remotes

 If you want to sell any big-ticket item, it has to be attractive to potential buyers.    Remove vehicles from driveways  Make all beds and tidy bedrooms. Hang or put
                                                                        away all clothing
 When it comes to a house, you need to go the extra mile to accommodate a   Do not park directly in front of house  Straighten dining room chairs
 host of varying tastes and style preferences. For instance, brightly painted   If possible, clean outdoor windows

 bedroom walls may not appeal to every possible buyer.  Pets and their   Remove or hide all garden tools including   KITCHEN
             hoses and sprinklers
 accompanying environment may not be appreciated by all buyers either.
             Mow and rake yard. Sweep driveways,
             porch, and sidewalks                                        Remove photos, notes, and magnets from
 We can help you identify all loose ends and coordinate resources to complete   refrigerator

 any needed, outstanding maintenance.   BATHROOMS                        De-clutter countertops and remove day-to-day

                                                                         Remove items from sink
 We can also help advise the most e  ective ways to prepare your house for   De-clutter by removing personal items from   Straighten stools and chairs
 photography and buyer showings. Tips like removing clutter, personal items, or   showers and coutertops  Remove trash can

 other distractions ensures potential buyers can see themselves living in your   Toilet seats down
 home.       Remove rugs, remove cleaning brushes and
             trash cans

             Replace with full roll of toilet paper

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