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                We will be photographing both the inside and outside of your

                home. We will be photographing all major rooms. We normally

                do not photograph the garage or closets unless there a special

                features included. If special features in your home are not obvious,

                please let us know so they can be included in the shoot.

           PLANNING                                                                      INTERIORS

           X It’s best the occupants plan to be away                   XHide pet bowls, toys, and litter boxes
             during the photo session since the time
         ✅                                                          ✅
             on site can last several hours                         ✅  XOpen all shades/blinds. Clean all windows
           X Pets need to be removed or secured in a                ✅  XHide trash cans
             comfortable place                                         XTurn on all lights. Replace broken bulbs as
           X Avoid scheduling house cleaners, pool                      necessary
             maintenance, gardeners, etc during your                   XTurn ceiling fans off
             appointment                                            ✅
                                                                       XContain children’s toys out of sight
           EXTERIORS                                                ✅  XDe-clutter all rooms. Remove excess newspa-
                                                                        pers/ magazines, and remotes

                                                                       XMake all beds and tidy bedrooms. Hang or put
           XRemove vehicles from driveways                          ✅   away all clothing
           XDo not park directly in front of house                     XStraighten dining room chairs
           XIf possible, clean outdoor windows
           XRemove or hide all garden tools including
             hoses and sprinklers
         ✅                                                                               KITCHEN
           XMow and rake yard. Sweep driveways,
             porch, and sidewalks                                      XRemove photos, notes, and magnets from
           BATHROOMS                                                 ✅ XDe-clutter countertops and remove day-to-day

                                                                       XRemove items from sink
           XDe-clutter by removing personal items from               ✅
             showers and coutertops                                  ✅
         ✅                                                             XStraighten stools and chairs
           XToilet seats down                                        ✅ XRemove trash can
           XRemove rugs, remove cleaning brushes and
             trash cans
           XReplace with full roll of toilet paper

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