Meet Connie Barnes; Broker Associate, RE/MAX Gold.

conniebarnesConnie Barnes has been selling real estate since 1990 and has held a California Real Estate Broker’s License since 1994. In addition to Connie’s resale background, she has held Sales Management positions with Serrano Developer, Parker Development Company, Woodside Homes and Toll Brothers Inc. Connie first embarked on her real estate career during the downturn that occurred in California back in the early 1990’s. It was that experience that helped shape Connie’s philosophy to “over-deliver” on client expectations. The “over deliver” philosophy is shared with all of Connie’s team members who are an integral part of her success.

When the economic crisis hit in 2008, it became apparent that the business she loved was about to be turned upside down — her job was about to become much more challenging. Barnes,  started 2009 by partnering with her husband Jim, a former corporate marketing executive, and began to lay out the strategy and groundwork for a brand new real estate business that would address the needs of a radically altered real estate market .”Our initial approach was to find the niches where we could be the best” said Connie about their initial business planning process. “Aligning with a strong brand would be key.

We joined RE/MAX in 2009 because RE/MAX is the leading real estate brand in the world. The RE/MAX brand exudes success and that was exactly what we were looking for especially back when doom and gloom were hovering over the real estate industry.”Jim Barnes said, “I was told by one of Connie’s former sales managers that I didn’t know anything about Real Estate Marketing. Later, I learned that he was right! I had years of corporate retail marketing experience, and when my attention turned to real estate, I noticed that most of the agent marketing was parochial with the exception of some high-end listings where the agent would hire a professional photographer, etc.  ” I was confident that we could break new ground in real estate marketing at the local level.” Jim said.”I believed if we provided ALL of our sellers with professional photography and marketing without charging more, it would represent a substantial added value while at the same time giving our clients the best shot at getting the highest price possible price for their homes!”

Connie Barnes has earned the RE/MAX Chairman’s Club or Platinum Club awards and each year she has been active with the Company. Connie has been voted “Best Realtor” by the readers of the region’s most influential publications.

Connie has retired from the day to day real estate activities but continues to be a valued consultant to the team.